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Speed Camera Registration Check
Simply enter the registration details in the box on the right and press the "check registration" button.

A free of charge check will be undertaken of the registration to ascertain whether any speed offences have been committed by the vehicle within the last 28 days.

Please be assured that NO data is collected and no details of the search is held at all and the registration mark is provided for checking purposes only.

What happens next?
If your search turns up no speed camera offences a message will inform you of this.

If your search shows speed camera offences, details will be displayed on screen detailing the date of the offence, the area, the speed limit in that area, the actual speed of the vehicle and the speed camera identification number.

Within 14 days of a committed speeding offence, a speeding ticket will be issued to the registered vehicle keepers address.

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Check for impending speeding tickets. Enter Your Registration below and press the Check Registration Button.